Stephanie Herren

Stephanie assists Dr. Reed with physical examinations and surgical procedures. She is also a certified pet groomer who carefully and lovingly performs routine services like bathing, haircuts, anal gland expression, nail clipping, etc. She has worked alongside Dr. Reed since 2006.

Growing up on a dairy farm, Stephanie’s earliest memories include being in the pasture and working cattle alongside her parents. Her on-the-job training started before she was even a teenager helping the veterinarians who visited the farm. Stephanie assisted the doctors and calmed the ailing animal, just as she does today.

Stephanie is married with five children and three grandchildren. She lives in Andale, Kansas which is almost an hour commute to Rose Hill, but she says it’s worth it because the Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic feels like her second home. She enjoys the family atmosphere of the staff and clients. In this tight-knit community, she looks forward to catching up with the lives of her pet parents and working with her furry clients, some of whom she’s been taking care of for almost a decade.

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