Dr. Patricia Schroeder

Dr. Schroeder is a Kansas State University graduate where she earned her doctorate in veterinafry medicine. Working with Dr. Reed as an associate veterinarian, Dr. Schroeder splits her time evenly between the Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic, the Wichita Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital, and her own private practice in Council Grove, Kansas.

At Dr. Schroeder’s private clinic, All Around Veterinary Service (AAVS), she focuses on small animals and those with ruminant digestive systems (four chambers). These include but are not limited to – sheep, goats, and alpaca.

In middle school, Dr. Schroeder already knew at a young age that working with and caring for animals was her calling. Although she bustles across Kansas each week to treat animals at three different locations, she says she wouldn’t have it any other way. She particularly likes working with Dr. Reed and the staff at Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic. She appreciates Dr. Reed’s direct approach and the fact that he keeps up with the latest technology including a high tech surgical suite.

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