Brandi Lazar

Brandi assists Dr. Reed with physical examinations, vaccinations, and a variety of surgical procedures. She is also responsible for keeping the kennel area clean and looking after the animals taking up temporary residence there.

In middle school and high school, Brandi thought about becoming a veterinarian because of her love of animals and desire to care for them. Although her life took a different path, she is grateful to have the opportunity to work at RHVC where she calms animals during examinations and comforts them in the kennel during recovery. Brandi appreciates Dr. Reed’s approach to treatment. He’s dogged about finding a diagnosis while adamant about not running unnecessary tests.

When she’s not working at RHVC, Brandi helps run the family business – Coffee With Friends. She also stays very busy with five children and a menagerie of pets including a dog, three lizards, two cats, four fish, one bird, and a hermit crab. Brandi has certainly passed her love of animals on to her children. Her daughter is currently enrolled in the pre-veterinary science program at Newman University. Now that her children are older, Brandi is entertaining the idea of pursuing a degree as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Walk-In Hours

Monday - Friday 11:00-1:00

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