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Ambulatory service
We have 2 full-sized 4WD ambulatory units at RHVC to allow Drs. Jessica Harrison and Brian Hodes to make routine and emergency farm calls throughout the Butler, Cowley, Sumner, and Sedgwick County areas. Our equine truck is fully equipped with refrigeration, hot and cold water, full dental equipment, most medications, and equipment that allows us to perform many field surgical procedures. Digital radiology and digital ultrasound can also be performed in the field as part of this service.

  RHVC offers progressive, routine, and specialized dental care for equine patients. We are equipped with a Powerfloat unit as well as portable stocks. We offer complete dentistry services for both performance and pleasure horses, including routine floats, wolf tooth extraction, dental imaging, cheek tooth extraction, incisor and canine tooth contouring.  We offer dentistry in the field as well as the clinic and recommend a dental exam for your horse each year.

Preventative Medicine Wellness Programs
Preventative medicine and wellness are both mainstays of our practice philosophy.  Our doctors will be happy to advise you on detailed programs for vaccination, deworming, dentistry, and sheath cleaning for your horse, and can provide these services either in the field or at the hospital.  Signing up for our Wellness Program will insure that your horse gets the finest in preventative medicine, and will also provide significant cost savings when you sign up for this program.  In addition, horses that are part of the wellness program will have a 5% discount applied to all veterinary services required for that animal regardless of the severity of the problem.  Contact Dr. Jessica Harrison for more details on how to participate in this valuable option.

Internal Medicine
RHVC offers an in-house laboratory, where many blood and body fluid analyses can be performed while you wait.  We also frequently send specimens to Kansas State University and other labs around the country for evaluation. State-of-the-art ultrasonography gives our veterinarians a non-invasive window into the abdomen, chest, and general soft tissues, and is often used in conjunction with digital radiography to evaluate abnormalities.

Lameness diagnosis
We routinely perform both simple and complex lameness evaluations. These are performed in the clinic or may be performed in the field. We also have the ability to take digital radiographs and perform digital ultrasound exams as needed, which enhances our diagnostic capability.


At RHVC, our MY-RAD 60 portable digital radiograph unit allows us to obtain digital images both in the field and at the clinic. Our unit gives high-quality images of the stifle, elbow, and all distal limb regions. X-rays can be burned to a CD or sent by email as part of our radiology service.

We have a digital ultrasound Soniscape S8 machine at our practice which is complemented by a full range of probes, allowing diagnostic imaging of all body systems. Dr. Jessica Harrison uses this equipment extensively both in the field and at the clinic for reproductive work in the diagnosis of early pregnancy and to get mares pregnant, as well as for the diagnosis of soft tissue injuries involving the musculoskeletal system. Ultrasound is also frequently used as a non-invasive technique in the diagnosis of colic and other disorders of both the abdominal and thoracic cavity.

Reproduction                                                                                                                    At RHVC we offer a complete line of reproductive services, including breeding soundness exams (mares and stallions), artificial insemination (AI), pregnancy diagnosis, diagnosis and management of high risk pregnancies, retained placenta treatment, reduction of twin pregnancies, diagnosis and treatment of mare infertility, and neonatal foal examination and management services.  Please contact us to learn about our breeding management plans, which were specially designed to improve reproductive management of artificially inseminated mares. 

Equine Services:
Vaccinations & Preventive Care             Lameness Services (diagnostics and treatment)
Dentistry                                                 Minor Field Surgery/Anesthesia
Digital Radiology (mobile)                     Fully Equipped Mobile Veterinary Unit
Digital Ultrasound                                   Reproduction (including artificial insemination)
Nutritional Counseling                            Pre-Purchase/Insurance Examinations
Corrective Farrier Services                      In House Laboratory Testing
Ophthalmology                                        Mobile Stocks
Health Papers/Coggins                            Emergency Service                        

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