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 Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing the highest level of compassionate patient care and excellent client service. We strive to provide the most advanced and current diagnostic and therapeutic options. We invite you to browse through our website, which features information about our facility, services, staff, externship opportunities and other information for clients.

*Digital Radiography- Now Available! With our new MyRad 60 system, we can obtain digital x-rays in the field. Images are ready immediately and can be reviewed at the farm.

*Digital Ultrasound- Now Available! Our Sonoscape S8 digital ultrasound system gives a real-time, high quality digital image that provides an efficient and enhanced diagnostic tool for our patients. Uses include, but are not limited to pregnancy diagnosis (large and small animal), equine tendon injuries, cardiac evaluation, and much more!

*Digital Coggins & Health Certificates - Now Available!  We've partnered with GlobalVetLink to provide our clients with digital Coggins and Health Certificates.  After processing, the documents can be sent to you via email.  Forms are always available for download online so if you forget paperwork you can print a copy from any computer with internet access and a color printer. For more information, go to MyVetLink.com

* Equine Dentistry- Portable Equine Stocks and Power Float Available!  We are raising the standards in equine dental care with our newly acquired dental equipment.

* ABBI certified - For age verification in Bucking Bulls.

* Pullorum Typhoid Testing - For testing poultry.

Walk-In Prices for Vaccines Only

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